What is the Developer SDK for monetizing my app? How can I earn money from it?

Please check out our website for full information: (the SDK you implement does what our website offers. You can install our application that does the same thing as the SDK here on the Play Store: )

For most developers, it takes less than 30 minutes to implement our SDK and can pay upwards of $1/mo per active user (significantly more than ad revenue). 

Is this Ethical? How can I be sure my users won't be harmed?

Please read this page on all the steps we take to ensure the entire network benefits from this solution:

  • As described in the article above, we do our best to limit any nefarious activity on our network, and restrict connections only to certain domains. However, with all things, there is always a chance a malicious actor could do something unwanted on your end user’s device and you should be aware of these risks.
  • As it relates to causing any harm to your user’s normal daily work on their internet:  there should be almost no incidents when a user is negatively impacted by our service. We limit bandwidth consumption to not exceed a noticeable amount at one time, we stop sending traffic to that device if a ban/captcha/block is detected, and we only use their device when the criteria above is met (WiFi, etc). See below for more information.

Can users opt-out of being in the network?

Yes, we require every developer who implements our SDK to include two things:

  1. New users can choose to opt-in in exchange for [insert benefit] (ad-free experience, etc). If they opt-out at this stage, they will not receive those benefits and can continue using the app nonetheless.
  2. If a user wishes to opt-out later, they can do so via the Settings in the app. We require all developers to implement this in their Settings page.

How does each person in the ecosystem benefit?

The way the ecosystem works is that there are 3 parties involved in the case of the Developer SDK:

  1. You, the developer:  by implementing our SDK, you can earn up to $1/mo per active user of your app. This is significantly more than most revenue generation channels for Android apps. See the FAQ on Earnings Potential.

  2. The end user, the “peer”:  the way the economics works for this system is that an end user that uses your application agrees, and opts-in, to become a “peer” in our proxy network (What is a proxy?). In exchange, the end user is given (for example): 1) ad-free application experience 2) premium add-ons, like additional “coins” in a game, for free 3) Support and donate to the app developer for them to continue supporting the application

  3. The customer:  Rayobyte sells the above network traffic from the peers to our business-vetted customers so that they can do approved data-related use cases (primarily web scraping). See more on our residential proxy landing page. These businesses need access to a large pool of IP addresses to scrape data at scale, and therefore they are willing to pay a price for every byte of data they consume on some end user’s device to accomplish their scraping needs.

Will my app be suspended from the Play Store or other stores?

We cannot provide any guarantee that Google, or another app store, won't ban your app for adding in this ethical source of monetization. We have some studies we've conducted data on and can provide these to you for more context on risks associated with various app stores. Please contact us at [email protected]

When in doubt, you'll be safest working with end users who install your APK directly. We recommend hosting your application on more app stores that are less ambiguous than Google:


Who is responsible for any damages caused to my users, or if my application is suspended from the Google Play Store (or any store)?

You are fully responsible for any damages incurred by implementing our SDK. We have outlined the risks associated for this highly profitable revenue model (up to $1/mo/user), so you should weigh your pros and cons accordingly.

Will my users' devices be affected by battery consumption, slow processing, or other concerns?

Our #1 priority is ensuring the safety of our end users. Without that, the entire system becomes grayhat or even blackhat, and loses its value to the world by offering ethically sourced data scraping. For users that become “peers” in our network, the following is TRUE:

  • Their device is used only when:

    • The device on WiFi

    • The device is idle

    • The user has “opted-in”

    • The device is plugged into a power source

  • Devices will consume a very minimal amount of CPU/RAM/battery due to the fact they are only proxying traffic through their device.

  • Devices will consume a maximum of either:1GB per day of WiFi bandwidth (NO mobile!)

    • 15GB per month of WiFi bandwidth (NO mobile!)

  • The primary domains that devices will be allowed to connect to are listed below. However, other web-scraping domains that are less popular may be used as well. (and their related subdomains, and TLDs):

    • google.*

    • amazon.*

    • instagram.*

    • tiktok.*

    • facebook.*

    • bing.*

    • yahoo.*

    • homedepot.*

  • Devices can only be connected to by thoroughly vetted business customers that have proven their use case legitimacy on the above domains.

  • Devices will NOT share any personal information or log anything on the device. The only information we receive is the IP address of the user’s device, and the checks we perform in the first bullet point (WiFi-enabled, battery plugged in, etc).

  • Blazing SEO monitors all responses from the target domains, and if any target domain returns a ban, block, or captcha message, Blazing SEO will intelligently avoid such device on that domain for a period of time that we believe to be safe. This prevents constant spamming to a target domain that may be suspicious of our business customer’s ethical scraping activity

    • “We detected bot traffic, please solve this captcha” is one example of a block that Google gives when scraping their search engine. We would detect this and not send traffic to that device for any Google TLD for 6+ hours.

See our Safety page for more information:

What are the use cases that your customers are using my end users' devices for?

The only traffic we allow currently is traffic to the domains mentioned above, and for web scraping (What is web scraping?) purposes only. We do not allow any other business customers to use our SDK network of peers for anything else, which significantly reduces the risk with such a business model.

How much money will I earn, and how can I earn more?

The amount of money you earn is based on how much traffic we send to your end users' devices that have opted in. The amount we send is based on many factors such as:  Geolocation (i.e. - US traffic is better than traffic from India), number of unique IP addresses, and quality of the IPs (if they do not get banned/blocked easily, then we can send more traffic). 

You will be paid $0.10/GB of traffic consumed. We set a limit of a maximum of 15GB per month per user, so this would equate to maximum earnings of $1.50/mo/user.

How can my users learn more about what their traffic is being used for?

We will have Knowledge Base prepared very soon that answers more detailed questions for end users.

How do I implement the SDK? What are the Setup instructions?

We vet all developers to ensure they comply with a requirements of implementation. It is important that we ensure all developers ethically implement the SDK so their users are fully aware of what is being implemented and being offered to them. In order to start using our SDK, please contact us at  and we will provide you installation instructions after a short questionnaire.